Roy and HG’s Russian Revolution will be televised…by Samsung

UnderCurrent loves a good odd couple. What better than combining a globally recognised brand (and one that works hard to maintain a tightly-controlled public image) with two rough-talking sports commentators that seemed to single-handedly push Steven Bradbury to cult fame.

After a successful partnership during the British and Irish Lions’ tour of Australia, Samsung has once again partnered with comedy commentary duo Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi which is sponsored globally by Samsung.

Proving that the Korean brand has a good sense of humour, or that Roy and HG didn’t use enough blue language to burn their bridges during the Lions tour, the partnership will see the two comedians heading up Roy and HG’s Russian Revolution at Samsung Stadium — a 15-minute TV show that will air nightly on Channel Ten during the Winter Olympics.

The show will be part of a major marketing push during the games that will also see Samsung branding at the event and on a select crew of Australian Olympians and Paralympians, including Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin and Scotty James and Jessica Gallagher.

That’s right, ‘Chumpy’.



Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullen, Jessica Gallagher and Scotty James.

With Samsung branding on TV every night, retailers may well see a raft of shoppers/aspiring curling champions coming into their stores uttering the unforgettable phrase, “I want the phone that Chumpy has”.

Either way, UnderCurrent is looking forward to more high-calibre banter from the Roy and HG team. After all, they’ve nailed the Winter Olympics before…

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