SodaStream expands retail distribution

To reach more customers.

SodaStream is launching into Aldi and Costco stores as part of a nationwide retail strategy by the brand. Available for a limited time only, SodaStream will retail the Cool Sparkling Water machine in Aldi (RRP: $49.99) and the Source Mega Pack (RRP: $99.99) in Costco stores.


On sale now, Aldi is offering customers a once off deal for the December catalogue. The promotion is available in over 400 stores nationwide, giving consumers the chance to purchase the Cool Sparkling Water Maker for $49.99. The in-store promotion also includes the Twin Pack 440ml flavours (RRP: $8.99) and the Twin pack 1 litre PET bottles (RRP: $8.99).

Costco will be offering customers an exclusive SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker, the Source Mega Pack (RRP: $99.99), not available in any other retail outlet in Australia combined with 60 litre Twin Pack Cylinders (RRP: $48.99).

SodaStream Australia managing director, Mark Fenton said, “Our participation in Aldi and Costco stores across the country plays into a much larger retail strategy for our brand. We know our consumers value convenience and ease, so by partnering with reputable retailers we are able to offer product to more consumers.”


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