Smeg limited edition refrigerators land in Australia

With 100 unique designs.

Launched at the Milan Design Fair in April 2016, the first Dolce & Gabbana/Smeg limited edition hand-painted refrigerator has arrived in Australia. There are just 100 retro design FAB28 refrigerators hand-painted by a group of Sicilian artists, with each unique design reflecting Sicilian folklore.

Australia’s first D&G hand-painted refrigerator, painted by Sicilian brothers Antonio and Giuseppe Bevilacqua, will go on display at Winnings’ new store in Canberra. Characterised by a chromatic explosion of yellows and reds inspired by the Sicilian sun and the lava of Mt Etna, the design depicts the battle between Argante and Tancredi and another with Anthea of Babylon.


Smeg D&G FAB28R

A collection of six refrigerators has just been completed, this time by renowned Sicilian artists Gianfranco Fiore, Tommaso Provenzano and Michelangelo Lacagnina. Each refrigerator is completely covered in hand-painted artwork – front, sides and top – that relates to the signature scene on the door front.

No two refrigerators are the same and numbers are strictly limited to just 100 with price and availability in Australia upon application.


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